Web Design for Coaches & Therapists

Attract perfect-fit clients with an SEO-friendly coaching website.

Get a strategic, beautifully-designed website so you connect with more clients and impact more lives. I specialise in hand-holding for non-techies so you can launch your website without stress.

“I want to work with a web designer who understands coaching and therapy and has a good head for business”.

Grow your coaching or therapy practice with a strategic website that leads to a clear customer journey.


Stop trying to second guess what needs to be on your coaching or therapy website. Work with a web designer who is a therapist and coach herself and has a deep insight into the specific needs of our industry.


Use ethical marketing tactics to craft a customer journey that makes it crystal clear who you can help. Attract the right clients with helpful information and show why they should trust you.


I know you sometimes suffer from Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt. But there are clients crying out for your help. You need a web designer who believes in you and will position you as the one they are searching for.

Website solutions I offer

Blogging, web design and SEO – finally have a website you feel proud to share.


Web Design

Beautiful, responsive, client-attracting websites.

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Tech Support

Learn to secure and manage your WordPress website yourself.

Tech Membership


Get found online

Get more of the right eyes on your website.

Simple SEO Tips


I’m on a mission to end your struggle with your website.

I get how frustrating it can be trying to get your website to behave! In my Tech Membership I show you how to get confident to manage your website yourself.

Meet Marie

One of my biggest values is working with kind, caring people who want to make a difference. I get that websites, blogging and SEO might not be your thing and I can help.

What shape is your coaching website in right now?

I’m willing to guess that one or more of these scenarios might sound familiar…

You don’t even HAVE a website yet

Outgrown your starter website?

You have a website, but no one knows about it because it needs a bit of zhushing up (it doesn’t tell people about the services you currently offer)

Your website isn’t actually finished because you’re DIY’ing it but got a bit stuck. Or maybe a combination of all the above.

Want to know a secret?

Most therapists and coaches struggle with their websites, you’re not alone and I’m here to help.

Picture yourself…

  • no longer feeling embarrassed because your site doesn’t reflect your current brand or services
  • radiating confidence as your website captures how you’ve grown and evolved
  • sharing the link to your website with pride, knowing with every fibre of your being that you’re showcasing your services in a way that speaks to your ideal client.
  • feeling excited about Future You and what she’s going to achieve