Been thinking about creating a course for years, but no idea where to begin?
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Been procrastinating on creating a course?

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Here’s What You’ll Get

  • A podcast featuring exclusive content from my Create your Course Programme so you can listen and learn on the go
  • My simple framework to help you to finally map out your course content
  • My go-to resource for naming your course
  • Access to my example course content map

Hi, I’m… Marie

I have a busy, creative brain and I often find myself wanting to do *all the things* simultaneously.

For years I toyed with the idea of creating an online course, but it never happened until I actually committed to it.

Then I realised I had a BIG problem – lots of ideas and no idea how to structure them all.

So I had to come up with a framework that would help me to capture all the brainwaves and actually get my course done.

I was able to baby-step my way to creating my courses (yes, that’s plural, I ended up creating two at the same time!).

Does this sound familiar?

  • You know you could help more people if you could just get your course idea out of your head 
  • Every time you think about creating a course you end up feeling overwhelmed because you’ve so many ideas you can’t get any of them down on paper
  • You’re not sure how to structure a course so you never get started
  • You keep procrastinating because you can’t figure out a good title
  • You’ve thought about creating an online course, but it sounds too complicated 
  • You wish someone would just give you a framework so that you could get cracking with outlining your course.
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I created an audio download so that while you’re out and about you can listen and:

✅Gain clarity on how you are going to deliver your course.

✅Map out your content so that you don’t get bogged down later on.

✅Create your course outline so that you can easily create the accompanying materials you need to deliver your course.

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