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The brief was to build a beautiful, calming website that could grow with Andrea’s therapy practice.

Industry: Clinical Hypnotherapy

Location: Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin

Project type: Web Design, Branding, Copy support

New therapy website - web design portfolio

“Marie is an extremely professional and gifted website designer.”

Therapy Website Design Brief

Andrea Dalton is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who launched her practice on social media and online directories. If you’re a therapist who needs more help marketing your private practice, click here.

As a therapist, Andrea is committed to holding the space for her clients and helping to alleviate their anxiety and stress. She helps clients who feel stressed or anxious to seek relief through a range of healing modalities.

The design brief was to build a beautiful, clean therapy website that clients could easily navigate. Andrea also wanted a site that can grow with her practice.

A branding goal was to build an eye-catching website that creates trust and that Andrea herself truly loves. We chose modern fonts for their simplicity allowing the reader to focus on the message.

Many of Andrea’s clients experience mental health challenges or other very personal issues so a goal was to keep her website easy to navigate and to focus on making it easy for clients to access support.

Website Imagery

Andrea is a very caring practitioner and understands that potential visitors to her website could be feeling very overwhelmed. She needed a website that felt soothing and conveyed a message of hope.

The vibrant colours and soothing images we chose evoke feelings of calm. Sunflowers, standing stones and ripples in water have associations with nature and healing and are peaceful to look at.

Websites for therapists and coaches - soothing imagery evoke feelings of calm.

Andrea decided she wanted to incorporate images of nature on her therapy website as for many of her clients it has positive associations. If you’d like to incorporate images of nature on your wellness or therapy website, visit sites such as to choose from a wide range of beautiful stock photography.

In designing the website I focused on positioning Andrea as a therapist who understands that life can pose challenges and that coping tools can help.

Andrea chose not to DIY her website as she was busy helping her clients and building her business. She was feeling worried that she would struggle to design a professional-looking website herself.

Website Branding and Features

Once Andrea had decided on the theme of nature and positive, uplifting images we focused on how we could make the website feel welcoming.

Therapy is all about connection, so we included a photo of Andrea and a number of blog posts to help clients to decide if she’s the right fit for them.

Andrea understood that new clients may feel anxious approaching the first session, so she wrote a short post to help explain the intake process and this is featured on her home page.

The site features an online scheduling tool and a contact form to make it easy for clients to get in touch and book a session.

Andrea has a number of professional qualifications and we included these on her therapy website to reassure clients.

This therapy website was a custom-build and I worked closely with Andrea to bring her vision to life. I loved this project, knowing that it could help others start out on their healing journey.

View my therapy website portfolio.

If you’re thinking of getting a new website, don’t feel like you have to spend hours battling through YouTube videos and DIY it. That’s not an effective use of your time.

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