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If you’re looking for a website for your wellness business, you’ll probably identify with Jackie from Energy Flows, who wanted a responsive website that would be easy to navigate and provide a great user experience for her clients, helping them to access her Jin Shin Jyutsu therapies.

Jackie reached out to me because although she had a website, she wanted to make it more user-friendly and to make her call-to-action really clear for visitors.

But first, let me tell you a little about Jackie and what she offers. 

Before and After – Wellness Website Redesign Energy Flows Home Page

HomePage EF
Health and Wellness Website Resesign

Project Brief Energy Flows Website Redesign 

Jackie McGlouglin is a therapist who works online and in person using gentle energy healing techniques. As a therapist, Jackie is committed to helping her clients relieve anxiety and stress. She had a business website and numerous blog articles but felt that they didn’t reflect her offers or lead to a clear customer journey. 

Jackie wanted to make it easy for potential clients to schedule an appointment, an easy navigation menu, and a visually appealing website that reflected her brand image. Jackie also wanted support to ensure her new site would provide a clear description of her services.

Content Planning and Design Elements

Jackie and I had 1:1 calls at the outset to enable me to advise her on crafting a beautiful website that would be simple and functional, providing a clear-cut journey for her website visitors. We also explored her goals such as growing her email list and incorporating ecommerce features.

Jackie already had a website, but it wasn’t working for her as well as it could have been.

Website Content

She completed a questionnaire so I could deliver a well-designed website that would authentically represent her and streamline her content.

Jackie had written a wealth of blogs, but we conducted an audit to ensure that we only featured articles that make sense for her business. In the end, we choose to discard some articles that were off-topic or not aligned with Jackie’s vision for her business.

We discussed features of other websites that resonated with Jackie and looked at wellness website design examples to ensure we got the right feel. 

Client Communication

Jackie and I used a client portal for communication and sharing branding elements and assets such as her chosen font, website content, hosting logins, etc.

The portal made it easy for us to manage all the website assets, assign action items, share progress updates, and to track the project timelines and milestones, ensuring accountability.

We also had regular check-ins on Zoom to keep the project moving and ensure we were on the same page. These briefings meant that if Jackie needed help or had a query I was able to answer her questions in a timely manner so she didn’t feel stuck.

Private client portal for uploading website content, brand guidelines, website copy, etc.

Website Branding and Photography

Jackie had worked with Mary Fleming, a branding designer to choose her font, colour palette, and logo design. Jackie also had professional photographs that really helped to elevate her online presence.

Wellness Web Design Before and After – Get Inspired

The first element on the page is a button that leads the visitor to a workshop or event that Jackie is currently promoting. 

Jackie’s new homepage makes it easy for potential clients to schedule a complimentary discovery call to find out more about working with her. There’s a clear CTA button in her brand’s colours above-the-fold (at the top of the page), so clients can get in touch with her without scrolling for miles down the page, or clicking around trying to find the link. 

Each page features a call-to-action that makes sense and weaves internal links throughout the website – a great use of search engine optimisation in a way that doesn’t hinder the user experience. 

Jackie had some fabulous client testimonials, so we decided to weave these on the two most visited pages on any website – her Home Page and About Page and also on her services page so visitors could get a feel of what it’s like to work with her.

Health and Wellness Website Design - an example of a client testimonial on the Energy Flows website.

The typography is clean and easy to read. 

A Strategic Website That Features a Clear Customer Journey

Jackie’s new website features a dropdown menu, making it easy for visitors to access her different offers and services.

Health and Wellness Website Redesign

Her messaging is clear and she gently encourages the visitor to consider the benefits of working with her. This is a website that provides clarity around how the energy healing process works and highlights how a potential client can take the next step to book their wellness sessions.

Energy Flows Customer Journey - a clear 3-step process to work with Jackie, highlighting the transformation clients will experience.

We included SEO keyphrases without sacrificing the clarity of her messaging or writing for robots!

If you’re keen to look at Jackie’s eye-catching new website design and simple navigation, check out her website at

Here’s what Jackie says about working with me as her Web Designer:

I used to cringe when someone asked if I had a website. I would end up apologising to them for the state of my website. The content was all there, but my offer wasn’t clear. I had created my website and learned as I went – this resulted in scattered content and poor online rankings. The website definitely wasn’t fit for purpose and was holding me back from reaching those people who could benefit from my services.
Marie hears you, she guides you, and she empowers you. She hears you and she gets what you’re trying to communicate to your prospective clients – both in tone, content, and how you can help them. She guides you through the process with support for your technology needs and helping you when you get stuck on something. She empowers you to understand how your website works and to be clear on your client journey.
I highly recommend working Marie O’Sullivan and refer to her as my fairy tech-godmother.
Jackie McGloughlin
Energy Flows

Want to Discuss a WordPress Web Design for Your Wellness or Therapy Business? 

Get in touch to book a complimentary call and discover how I can design an amazing wellness or health website for your business. Let’s help visitors book your services and offers so they can live healthier lives.

If you already have a website we can discuss how to update it to make it more engaging with a better user interface.

What a Professional Wellness Website Needs 

  • An overview of your credentials, qualifications, and Code of Ethics
  • High-quality images and photographs of you 
  • Clear service descriptions
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Testimonials
  • Wellness-related blogs and articles
  • A design that allows you to make changes yourself

Wondering what to blog about in the health and wellness space? Check out my article on blog content ideas for coaches for inspiration. 

What Makes a Good Website Design in Health and Wellness?

Therapy Website Design Inspiration

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