Mockup of the new website launch announcement kit - an image of a laptop with the words "create a buzz around your new website (even if you've got a tiny audience".

Create a buzz about your website

(Even if you’ve had it for ages, you’ve no ad budget and a tiny audience).

Discover my super simple strategies that will effortlessly guide you through the process of transforming your website from a hidden gem to a shining star that captivates everyone’s attention.

In this concise digital resource, I am thrilled to share with you a plethora of effective strategies that you can begin implementing today, ensuring that people will sit up and take notice of your website.

entice visitors to explore your irresistible freebies and captivating offers.

With my expert guidance, you’ll not only feel confident in the awesomeness of your new website but also entice visitors to explore your irresistible freebies and captivating offers.

Whether you’re a proud owner of a brand-new website or have an existing one that’s been waiting for its moment in the spotlight, this kit is designed to help you achieve your goals.

With my social media prompts, email swipe files, and editable graphics, you’ll have the tools to effortlessly promote your website both online and offline.

Get ready to build your email list, boost engagement on social media, book more 1:1 sessions, and sell more products and services.

Don’t leave marketing your shiny new website to chance. Instead, steal my simple tips to promote your website online and offline.


  • You’re worried your new website won’t get the attention it deserves
  • It feels like your existing website is just sitting there, gathering digital dust
  • You want to generate leads (more interested people) for your offers
  • You’re a web designer looking to provide your clients with an exceptional offboarding experience (white label this product and customise it with your branding – your clients will love you for it)

What’s included in the website launch kit

Engaging Social Media Content

Carefully crafted social media prompts, you’ll never be at a loss for what to say. These prompts will help you engage your audience, build hype, and create excitement around your brand-new website.

Email Swipe Files

Leverage the ready-to-use email swipe files, saving you valuable time and effort. These templates are designed to captivate your subscribers and entice them to explore your website, read your blog posts, and ultimately become loyal customers.

Editable Social Media Graphics

With just a few clicks you’ll create eye-catching visuals that will make your audience stop the scroll. The website launch kit provides you with editable social media graphics that are visually stunning and easily customisable.

Grow your audience

By promoting your freebies (lead magnets), 1:1 sessions, and other offers, you’ll see an uptick in conversions and sales. Say goodbye to waiting for SEO to kick in and start reaping the rewards of your hard work right away.

A one-stop shop

for creating a buzz about your shiny new website!

After spending months working on my website details, I never gave a second thought to launching it in any way! It seems so obvious but not apparent when you embark on having a new website can be such a relief to finally have it live! Marie’s website launch content kit is a one-stop shop for creating a buzz about your beautiful shiny new website. It is jam-packed with useful content that you can pretty much lift off the shelf and share with your audience. I love Marie’s step-by-step and easy-to-use approach. Highly recommend it to anyone who has put months into creating their website and doesn’t know what exactly to do next! 

Jennifer Maher

helped get my sales coming in

takes the stress out of promoting it!

I had just finished building my online course… and then I needed to promote it.  I was delighted when I found Marie O Sullivan’s ‘Create a Buzz’ Social media kit. It proved to be invaluable to me. Marie had the social media templates all ready and all I had to do was fill in my own details. I felt excited doing the social media posts and this obviously came across to my potential clients… they helped get my sales coming in!! I loved how the email templates were all perfectly laid out too and they made perfect sense to me.  There is a lot involved in producing an online course, so I am thrilled that I have a marketing kit that takes the stress out of promoting it.  

Helen Doyle

The ideas and templates are so helpful

I can create a post in minutes!

‘Marie’s ‘Create a buzz around your website’ resource is so great! I’m a small business owner and time is so tight. The ideas and templates are just so helpful as I can create a post in minutes and get on with other aspects of my busy business! Thank you, Marie!’

Ursula Frawley

wonderfully helpful tool

takes all the hassle out of social media posts!

Marie has created a wonderfully helpful tool to use when you want to create a buzz around your website! It takes all the hassle out of social media posts and email prompts and helps you really celebrate your new website.

Sarah Lyons

Clarity & Confidence

useful templates – get it out into the world!

Clarity: You’ll be guided through the steps with clear information, useful templates, wonderful techy bits, and added bonuses that you may not even know you need.

Confidence:  You can go from hiding behind some vague promises of making an offer someday . . . to having the confidence to put together the outline and get it out into the world.

Jackie McGloughlin

You may be wondering…

The kit contains a collection of simple, yet effective ideas to promote your website, both online and offline.

The kit comes with short, step-by-step videos showing you exactly how to edit the Canva templates so that you know how to customise them with your brand fonts, logo and colours.

The beauty of the kit is that it will guide you through explaining how your website benefits your right-fit clients, making sure that you can clearly convey why they should care about what you have to offer.

Absolutely! The Website Promo Kit is designed to be used by website owners AND web designers alike.

I created this kit because I recognised that my clients were unsure how to market their websites.

Originally I designed it as an offboarding gift for my clients, but then I realised that other web designers might benefit from having the kit too to support their clients’ website marketing efforts.

Yes! The Website Launch Kit is designed to provide you with specific examples and prompts on what to say to promote your new website.

I understand that it can be challenging to come up with creative and engaging content, especially when you’re just starting out or not particularly tech-savvy.

That’s why we’ve included a wide range of resources to help you effectively communicate the benefits of your website to your audience.

Inside the kit, you’ll find editable Canva templates for social media graphics and stories. These templates are fully customisable, allowing you to add your own brand fonts, logo, and colours.

I’ve also included editable social media posts that you can tailor to your brand and voice, using them as a starting point so you don’t have to stare at a blank page.

As part of the kit, you get pre-written email copy that you can use to promote your website. These email swipe files are ready to be personalised with your own details and sent out to your audience. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to create a buzz around your website and encourage more visitors to take a peek.

With the Website Promo Kit, you’ll have everything you need to confidently promote your new website and attract more visitors.

Marketing your website is crucial, and the kit provides you with the tools and resources you need to make it a success.

Absolutely not! You don’t need the paid version of Canva to make the most out of the Launch Kit.

The templates and graphics are easily editable using the free version of Canva. So whether you’re a tech-savvy pro or a beginner, you can confidently customize them to match your brand’s fonts, colours, and logo.

I wanted to make sure the kit would be accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget.

Rest assured, you can make the most out of the Website Launch Kit without needing to invest in the paid version of Canva.

White label website launch kit for web designers

  • Whitelabel the kit and make it an essential part of your offboarding package.
  • Provide your clients with the tools and resources they need to succeed with their website launch campaign.
  • Help your clients create and schedule social media website announcement posts in advance, so they can effortlessly maintain an active online presence while saving time
  • Encourage your clients to use the editable prompts and email swipe copy as a starting point so they’re not stuck staring at a blank page. Tweak the copy to align with their brand and voice.
  • Give your clients a wealth of ideas to promote their websites both online and offline (so you don’t have to handle complaints that “no one is visiting my website”,

help your clients attract more visitors, engage with their audience, and market their websites.

Introducing the Website Launch Kit: Help your clients develop a simple website marketing plan.

Are you a web designer or developer looking to provide your clients with an exceptional offboarding experience?

Does your heart sink when you help a client launch a new website and realise that they have no clue about the importance of marketing their websites?

Don’t let your clients’ websites sit idle. Give them the boost they deserve with the Website Launch Kit.

Nab the New Website Launch Kit and help your clients generate excitement around their new website launch.

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