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Katie McGreal is a Relax Kids Coach and Mindfulness teacher. She offers engaging sessions for teachers, parents, and families. In her shop, you can find beautiful meditations available in both English and Irish. Katie has two online courses ready for instant access. Additionally, she hosts live meditation sessions both in-person and online.

A screenshot of a DIY website built on Weebly. The website wasn't mobile responsive.

😥Why the website needed a redesign

Katie’s original website was built on Weebly and she had outgrown it

Her courses were hosted on Thinkific and it was costing her money every month

Make it easier for potential clients to sign up for her freebie

Katie needed her website to be in both English and Irish

Katie wanted an easily editable page for her in-person and online meditation classes.

A laptop on a grey table displays a beautifully redesigned website with autumn leaves in the background. The text, primarily in Irish, warmly welcomes users to Solas Relaxation.

😍Katie’s stunning new site

Built on WordPress and Katie can edit it herself in both English and Irish

I gifted Katie one month of support in my Tech Membership

Katie is saving money because we switched course platforms

Beautiful sales pages featuring testimonials

English and Irish versions of her shop and blog

Simple for clients to find their way around the site

Clients can easily sign up for her freebie

Katie could access funding through Údarás na Gaeltachta for her website redesign (similar to the Trading Online Voucher). We had an initial 1:1 call where she got to suss me out 😉, ask questions and explain her website goals.

Luckily I had also trained as a Relax Kids Coach (facilitated by Joanne Callan – a wonderful course and highly recommended) so I had a good insight into Katie’s business. We also had a couple of mutual business contacts, so that probably helped her to feel comfortable working with me.

Preparing a quote for the website redesign

You might be surprised to hear that it isn’t always easy to give a quote for a website redesign project. That’s because it really depends on the functionality you need. Katie needed a course platform and video hosting; both features have ongoing costs. The good news is that switching systems will end up being more cost-effective for her in the long run!

That’s why I need to talk to potential clients and can’t just give you a quote on the spot. I have to learn about your business, what’s annoying you about your current site and find out what plans Future You has up your sleeve as a business goal. If you’re reading this and wondering about getting a redesign, a good starting point is to complete my website enquiry form.

Katie had to contact more web designers for quotes and she had the choice of picking who she wanted to work with.

When I did up her quote, our 1:1 meeting discussing design, timeline and scope helped because I could quote for the functionality she needed and give her recommendations about other software that would be helpful for her business.

Shared client portal

A green interface with a greeting "Good morning, Marie" at the top. Below, there are sections for "Docs & Files" showing folders and documents, and "Action Items" listing notifications and tasks. A shared client portal is a godsend for website redesign projects because it means that both the client and I can track the progress of the project.

Once Katie’s application for funding was approved, we got cracking! I set up our shared client portal, and it turned out to be incredibly helpful for both of us.

I’m always on the lookout for tools and systems to streamline the website redesign process for clients, and I’m thrilled that my investment in a shared portal has truly paid off.

We used the client portal for sharing

website and hosting logins

social media links – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

website content

website branding – colours (hex codes)


meditation files for Katie’s shop and online courses

list of students who needed to be migrated to Katie’s new course platform

lesson resources for Katie’s courses

1:1 call notes (including “homework”!)

Katie’s blog content in English and Irish

the lead magnet Katie wanted to add to her new site

the welcome email delivered to new email subscribers

the Zoom link for our regular check-in calls

Website Imagery

During our 1:1 call, Katie shared three websites she loves, and we pinpointed her preferences. This allowed me to envision the final project and recommend the perfect types of photos for her website.

She needed a combination of vertical and horizontal photos, and playful shots of her smiling to reflect the relaxation and calm her clients feel.

The Solas Relaxation contact page features an image of Katie wearing a bright yellow jacket. She is smiling facing the camera and hugging a tree.

She also had professional photographs taken of her branded tote bag, the Hoberman sphere, singing bowl, Relax Kids 7-step posters, affirmation cards, and other resources she uses in her meditation classes.

Katie's website features professional photographs of the resources she uses in her Relax Kids and mindfulness classes. The photos include a Solas Relaxation branded tote bag, a signing bowl, a Hoberman sphere and visuals of the Relax Kids 7 Steps.

I also gave her tips on finding the perfect stock photos for her blog posts and sales pages.

Online course sales pages

Katie offers two on-demand meditation courses and needed sales pages to make it easy for potential clients to purchase them.

A screenshot of Katie's online course curriculum featuring a mockup on a computer and a tablet.

She had already crafted the copy (words) for these pages but wanted a professional design that included mockups, helping potential customers visualise the course content. We also incorporated testimonials from satisfied clients to add credibility and trust.

Shop featuring online meditations

Katie offers a gorgeous range of online meditations in both English and Irish. Her shop needed to be designed to accommodate both languages, ensuring each product was uploaded with precise and engaging descriptions.

Siopa Solas Relaxation

Testimonial from Katie on her Website Redesign

A screenshot of Katie's review on my Google Business Profile. 

5 stars. Working with Marie was fantastic! I couldn't recommend working with her more! She went above and beyond to create my website which is in English and Irish so it was double the work! She set up my Mailerlite to be more professional and she also helped me to get a professional email address. She built me a membership site to look like it is just part of the regular site and it will help me save money in the long run. The site looks great on mobile as well as on the bigger screen which she checked throughout. She created a shop to make it easy for clients to purchase my meditations and even after the site is built and finished she is still supporting me when things arise and helping me learn how to update the site myself. 

It was so easy working with Marie and she explained everything that was happening as it was happening. I'm delighted with my new site!

I highly recommend you check out Katie’s beautiful meditations. I really enjoyed listening to them while I was building her shop and courses. I even managed to catch a couple of her live online meditation classes. The time flew and did me the world of good.

More about the website

Launch Date: 2024

Industry: Relax Kids Coach and Mindfulness Teacher

Location: Galway

Project type: Web Design, E-commerce, Course Platform

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Please note that I am almost fully booked for 2024. Now is a great time to set the ball rolling for your 2025 design project, especially if you need to apply for funding through the Trading Online Voucher.


Image showing a computer, tablet, and printed materials for a "Website Planning Workshop." The screen displays "Step 2: Identify Your Website Purpose & Goals." The background is a soft pink.

If you’re a therapist or coach, you might also like to check out my on-demand website planning workshop to help you figure out what’s needed for your website redesign.

This short workshop will help you gain clarity on your website goals and target audience so you can avoid unnecessary revisions and rework later on.

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