Beginner's Guide to
Maintaining your
WordPress Website

(This is for you even if you think you're not techy).

Live Online Workshop

It's vital to maintain your website because...

It's your online storefront

Your website is where potential clients go to check you out, contact you, or buy from you. It needs to make a good impression.

It helps clients to trust you

Without regular updates, your site can slow down or even break. People will click away and you won't show up in the search results.

Maintenance saves you time & money

A hacked website is a small business owner's worst nightmare. It costs you time, money and is a hassle to fix. Prevention is better than cure.

This workshop's for you if you

  • Haven't a clue how to recover your content if your website gets hacked
  • Want to save yourself the nightmare of trying to fix a broken site
  • Are sick of "geekspeak" - you just want someone to explain the tech in plain English
  • Have spent a fortune getting a shiny new website, but haven't a notion how to maintain it


If you're not regularly maintaining your WordPress website, it could be vulnerable to malware, hacks and other nasties.

These could damage your reputation as a small business owner. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help protect your website.


The number of WordPress vulnerabilities due to Plugins.
Source: WPScan


19th November
10 am - 1pm


Live on Zoom


Small group support

Imagine your business when you are

  • Embracing tech & confident that your website is protected against the main security threats
  • Feeling confident because you know how to easily restore a backup if your site ever got hacked
  • Saving time, money & energy by automating your backups
  • Feeling like a pro because you're no longer depending on someone else to keep your site up & running

What you get

Bite-sized training



Small group setting


Upskill & grow


Safe space

What I'll teach you

Learn the secrets to automating your website backups

Never worry about losing your site content again

Discover how to install and activate plugins

Let's make your website maintenance a breeze 

How to speed up your site

Avoid this common mistake & ensure visitors don't click away.

What clients are saying about me

She is a dream to work with. She is patient and encouraging, making suggestions and explaining things clearly. There is no stress and overwhelm. It was always at my level. I’m very happy with my website now, knowing that I can add additional features to it, as my business develops. I can’t believe that this non techie regularly goes in the back end of my website to attend to the updates and security. One very satisfied customer.

Mary O'Connor


Troubleshooting issues that come up in the group seems to come naturally to her and she has a broad knowledge of WordPress and web development to draw from.

Name withheld


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